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Is there anything more uplifting than a freshly brewed cup of tea? – Herbs the way Mother Nature intended them – full leafed and loose – giving you superior flavour and many health benefits. No little glued bag with a string and plastic tag – just a pure cuppa goodness.

And in this cup – the treasure of health. Coffee has 107 mg caffeiene tea has 30. The antioxidant effects of tea polyphenols appear to be greater than Vitamin C! Tea limits cell mutation linked to chronic diseases like cancer! And tea absorbs a huge amount of CO2 from the air!

Tea is such a treasure that it has been used as currency for 2000 years in china. Hence the expression: “I wouldn’t trade for all the tea in China”.

Plucked leaf by leaf, hauled on foot or by donkey’s, at such high altitudes that it has to be hand picked by trained monkeys, some teas are so rare they only yield a few pounds a year! Pu-erh tea can fetch more than 10,000 dollars for less than 1 pound! Liquid gold!

Darjeeling is to premium tea, what Champagne is to fine wine. Located in the Himalayan’s, 2143 m above sea level – where there are no pests or pesticides, it is organic by default!

White Tea is some of the purest tea in the world and grown on very small estates. It is a healthy alternative for other drinks and has extraordinary health benefits being so high in polyphenols and antioxidants.

A Swedish study of 61000 women who drank 2 cups of tea a day saw a 46 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society says green tea significantly reduces risk of breast cancer. Yale school of Medicine theorized that the amount of green tea consumed daily by Asian peoples contributed greatly to improving their cardiovascular health, lowered cholesterol levels, and reduced the build up of arterial plaque. Black, green and oolong teas aid in weight loss.

Maybe you know the South African Rooibos herb is a tea loaded with iron, zinc, flavanoids, calcium, and magnesium – and that it aids your immune system, helps you sleep, and may put an end to acid reflux – but did you know it is so environmentally sensitive that is only grown in the Cederberg district of South Africa?

Raise a cup to the past – it’s been over 60 thousand years since we have been drinking herbs as tea’s for our health. Rose Hips tea for rheumatoid arthritis and firm skin; camomile gown by the Pharaohs for sleep; lemon Balm believed by the Romans to promote a long and healthy life! And today – a healthy alternative for you and your kids to replace sugared drinks and juices! Some companies even promote Kids Teas –like Tutti Fruiti and Yummy Bear – both high in vitamin C and perfect for any tea party! They can be turned into delicious Popsicles too!

Tea is truly a treasure – an affordable, simple treat you can have every day!

So come on people – put a little fun in your life – try something new in a tea! Here are just some of the blend we carry at the White Lotus:

Apple Spice Tea

Distinctive apple character with mellow notes of cream . A tea to savour.


Reminiscent of fresh Pina Colada. Hints of coconut and pineapple splash about in a velvety smooth cup of tea!


Naturally flavoured White Tea from China. Smooth, with Madagascar vanilla notes and a touch of pomegranate pungency. Sweet pecan-like finish. Very high in polyphenols and antioxidants for any time of the day!

Steep 3 to 5 minutes


For kids!

A healthy tasty substitute for sugary drinks. A candy like caramel flavour gives it sweetness with berries for flavour. Rich in vitamin C.


The full taste of rum mellowed with a creamy smoothness. The perfect drink on a wintry day. (Luxury flavoured, premium leaf tea from 100% exclusive High Grown Ceylon teas above 5500ft level, Sri Lanka. Chemical free process.


A number one selling Darjeeling tea from one of the best known estates. This 2nd flush tea has a lovely muscatel flavour with a delicious astringency.


Bask in swinging bergamot in all it’s glory. If the Earl of Grey only know how fabulous his naturally flavoured white tea could be.


An organic green tea second to none! Exquisite, abundant Jasmine character on a seasonal green tea. THIS Jasmine flavour is only possible with midnight May flowers. What a rare treat!


What a delicious way to soothe a tummy! A bright, clean taste, a palate of refreshing spicy character – and perfect to serve with Asian cuisine!


All the delicious flavour of fresh strawberries combined with the goodness of green tea.


One of the top Ceylon estate teas.

The Flowery Pekoe leaf style retains

it’s quality during it’s gentle decaf process.


A naturally flavoured black tea with a deep cherry flavour and almond notes – a smooth, silky character!

The White Lotus also carries all your tea accessories – including delicious honey, pretty cups, colourful tea pots, (some with strainers); large and small tea strainers, and more!

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