Goji Berries

 China’s oldest herbal book was written around 300 B.C.!- and included witch hazel, mugwort, ginger and other great healing herbs – like Goji Berries!

An ancient Chinese secret for a long healthy life includes taking Goji Berries! Once a rare Chinese medicinal crop – now an easy to obtain super food! One of the highest in ORAC value and the most nutrient dense food we know. Goji will definitely improve eyesight, proven in respect to glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. Goji assists in quicker radiation recovery, and in creating new red blood cells. It improves your blood sugar and lowers triglycerides. Goji Berries have an alkalizing effect on the blood and boosts the immune system, as well as having anti tumor activity. Goji is even better than all the hype and the science is there to prove it! – including thousands of years of trial and error that you can benefit from today. Eat your Goji berries raw, in a salad, or let them take on the flavour of sauces, dips and soups. Goji berries a healthy treat!

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