About Us

It is important to us that we match you with the right product to suit your path.


My favorite part of the day is helping YOU! If you’d like, I’ll shop around the store with you and make some gift suggestions. I can answer your questions about our products, and explain our more unusual lines to you.

If instead, you just want a quiet, relaxing experience – please feel free to enjoy the soothing music and have a good long browse. You’ll find meditation singing bowls, rosary beads, incence, crystals, books that will open your mind, unusual giftware, and wonderful skin care products.

I look forward to helping you and making sure you don’t just go home with “stuff” – we want your purchase to be exactly what you need.

The White Lotus

The White Lotus opened 3 years ago in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Cindy Rorison Hemphill started the business to share her interest in the magic of this world and the mysteries of the other side!

It’s a place where open minded people can explore even further! A place where you can find synchronicity, and the common relation to all things, all peoples.

The White Lotus is a place where you never have to say, “you might think I’m crazy for asking you this or telling you this….”

Customer service and education are of paramount importance to us!

With a few questions, we will try and match you to the right product to help you, the right book to start you on your path, or help you select the perfect gift.

The White Lotus also offers classes and readings. We can e-mail you a list of upcoming classes. You can give us a call or e-mail to sign up for a reading.

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  1. Tremaine
    Posted June 14, 2011 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    Merry meet

    I dont really know what to say here, im just looking for some ‘like minded’ people . I’ve studied occult science for most of my life, some what causally i suppose. i use to call myself a wiccan but now i think of my self more as a human being . i dont click with most people, witch is likely true for most of us ‘students’, in such a small town. i just wanted to touch base. maybe get signed up for some classes… hope to hear from you.
    merry part.

  2. Rose Jones
    Posted December 18, 2013 at 9:37 pm | Permalink

    Hello. My name is Rose Jones. I love your store! I’ve been meaning to ask if you have a psychic, and if you do, I’d like to make an appointment, but if you don’t, then I hope the store continues to be successful.